Beauty tips to make your life easier

Tip 1. The thing a dislike the most about getting my nails done is waiting for them to dry. Especially when I do them myself. Dip your nails into a bowl of ice water, even if they are wet and holy moly they dry within minutes! It’s crazy, but it works.

Tip 2. Under eye, concealer has always been tough. I have a drawer full of concealers that promise to cake or crease, but sadly they all did. Until I started mixing my under eye concealer with eye cream and dabbing it on in little circles. No crease or cake! To finish use a small concealer brush dab it into a translucent finishing powder and gentle go over the bottom lash area, for a flawless finish! Voila, you look marvelous!

Tip 3. It has been a long day at the office and you have one more event to attend, and no time to start your makeup all over again. This trick has been a great addition to my busy lifestyle. Cary with you a little face oil dab it on your checks to freshen your foundation. Powder your shiny areas like nose, chin, and forehead. You will look dewy but polished and your skin will thank you!

Tip 4. Blush has always been tricky. Until I learned that swirling blush from your check-in upward strokes blending it evenly to your temple, makes for a healthy glow. No more clown face. Hurray!

Tip 5. Coconut oil! Is a miracle. Use it instead of usual makeup remover if your skin is super dry. It wipes away all traces of makeup and you don’t have to rinse it off. You can also use it as a hair paste to add some shine and texture. A little goes a long way.

Tip 6. Even the steadiest hands can play havoc on eyeliner. Instead of trying to draw a perfectly straight line, dot your upper eyelashes. It will make for a supernatural effect and your eyes will pop. No more pulling and tugging.

Tip 7. Saved the best for last. It may sound gross but it works wonders. Keep hemorrhoid gel, yes I said hemorrhoid gel in your fridge. After a big night if you wake up like you have gone a few rounds with Rocky. Dab this miracle cure under your eyes. No more puffy eyes. I swear it works!