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Why we love: Bright, fun pieces with fearless, experimental accessories.

Why we love: Luxurious, sexy party wear with a personality.

Why we love: Perfectly-cut pieces with surprising, swoon-worthy details.

Why we love: Fun, energetic prints splashed across luxe fabrics.

Why we love: Flowing, feminine pieces, masterfully ruched for interesting silhouettes.

Why we love: Delicate designs with intricate, iconic accents.

7. Daphine
Why we love: It seems everyone got this ring for Christmas, and now we can't help but feel naked without one. Priced incrCecilie Bahnsen
Why we love: Based in Copenhagen and launched in 2014,

8. Cecilie Bahnsen is known (and loved) for its contemporary, sculptural silhouettes. We can't get enough of the subtle feminine detailing on every piece. incredibly reasonably - this 8ct gold plated ring is £65, for example - it won't be long before we're all decked out in Daphine.

9. Rotate Birger Christensen
Why we love: Launched by stylist-turned-influencer power pair Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars in 2018, Rotate is another Copenhagen-based label we're predicting huge things for. Offering up the very anthesis to cult basics, these are party pieces with serious pop.

Why we love: Shamelessly excessive and instantly recognizable.

11. Sleeper
Why we love: Those with an eager eye may have already noticed this label littering Instagram recently, with several of our favorite influencers donning the brand's feather-trimmed PJs over Christmas for those extra AF festive feels. But it's their summer linen dresses that are about to take over, mark our words.

12. Iden Denim
Why we love: A sustainable, conscious, forward-thinking denim label with premium designs and a purse-friendly price-point, Iden is very much a brand that the culturally-aware millennial can get on board with. The even better news? They're devoted to a good fit.

13. Dancing Leopard
Why we love: Good value, fun, easy-to-wear pieces are three of the key pillars that have secured this online brand its recent success. Loved by women who want to dress individually without straying too far from their comfort zones, there's a smorgasbord of pieces to suit whatever the occasion.

14. Arket
Why we love: Launched in 2017, Swedish lifestyle label Arket is another brand beneath the giant H&M umbrella. Focussing on simple, timeless, functional designs made from quality materials, it is a haven for those with a Scandi sense of style.

15. 16Arlington
Why we love: Despite being just over a year old, 16Arlington has already amassed an impressive following. With Lady Gaga, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and J.Lo huge fans already - as well as some of the world's best-dressed editors and influencers - they're a party season favorite that we still dream of wearing come January.

16. Reserved
Why we love: A Polish label that launched in the late 90s, Reserved didn't make it over to the UK until 2017. First-introduced to the British customer by face - and huge fan - of the brand, Kate Moss, it's a high street store with high fashion clientele.

17. Bec + Bridge
Why we love: Set up by Aussie duo Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston, Bec + Bridge are building serious momentum thanks to their playful take on party dressing and classic, modern separates. And while their pieces may be skewed towards a warmer climate, the simplicity and elegance of their designs render them easy to layer.

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